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Vintage Danbury Mint Brides Of America Dolls

I don’t only sell altered porcelain dolls, my shop also has selection of great quality Vintage Danbury Mint Brides Of America Dolls for sale. Visit the Shop To view their listings and more pictures.

Their height is 14″ tall and they are in mint condition and come with their stands and original boxes.  This collection was a limited offer by the Danbury Mint in the 1980’s and there are 12 in the series. Frontier Bride Series. Each doll has the Danbury Mint symbol on the back of her neck. They are really beautiful dolls with very high quality wedding gowns, they also have very striking eyes and detailed face painting.



Three New Dolls In The Shop


Looking for New Homes Now, be sure to visit the shop to look at them.

Just Got About 200 Porcelain Dolls To Paint.


Just got this huge lot of porcelain dolls to start painting, these aren’t even half of them pictured just a selection. So my shop will be getting much busier over the next few months. Plus I have got some black dye to dye a few of their dresses if they need it.

I also have a selection of vintage Danbury Mint Brides of America dolls in my Etsy store that are for sale as they, are with boxes.

I have two One of a kind repainted horror dolls nearly ready to list too, just need to dye some dresses and finish varnishing.

You can view my Etsy Store here:




Creepy Crawly Doll Finished.

Creepy Crawling porcelain dol.
Creepy Crawly finally done.

The doll I’ve been working on for a while is finally finished. the eyes I ordered on eBay from Hong Kong finally came, and she’s looking good with her new pink eye. Her clothes have also been dyed to give her a darker look.

Crawling Porcelain Altered Art DollDoll
Crawling Porcelain Altered Art Doll

I won’t be selling this doll as she’s one I’ve had since childhood and altered especially for me, but I look forward to finding more crawling porcelain baby dolls to work on as she was fun.

Horror Doll Now In My Etsy Shop

Horror Doll On Etsy
My first Horror Doll On Etsy.

Finally got my upcycled 14R Doll onto Etsy, and have more dolls to be working on over the next few days, hoping to have more ready to list by the beginning of October. See the link below for more information

Click here for Etsy Listing.

Finally Finished First Doll

Nearly ready to be listed.
Nearly ready to be listed.

Finally got my first horror doll ready to be listed, just a few spots to filled in with paint and she’s done. Will be on Etsy tomorrow.

I now also have a couple more dolls to work on.

Baby born twins, a boy and a girl.
Baby born twins, a boy and a girl.

These two will be great to work on, going to try and see if I can alter them in a way that means they will still have their original functions. For those who don’t know Baby Born Dolls can cry wee, and the latest ones even poo if you feed them the baby born porridge. So to still work I’ll have to paint them so they are still water proof.

Fist Doll Nearly Done

Doll nearly finished now.
Doll nearly finished now.

Been working all day on this doll and she’s now a lot closer to being done, her body is painted varnished and reassembled. I’m really pleased with the way the crackling on her body has gone, I’ll post better pictures taken with a better camera when she’s listed.

I’ve also been working on he outfit, tomorrow I’ll be dying a load of dolls clothes so it should be ready then.

Now all that has to be done is the head and face, I’ll be working on that tomorrow so hopefully by tomorrow evening she’ll finally be ready to go on Etsy.

Working Hard on Dolls For Halloween.

Working hard on dolls to stock the etsy shop with in time for Halloween, started this morning with the doll in pieces and her first coat of paint.

Fist stage of making a cackle effect doll.
Fist stage of making a crackle effect doll.

Did the next stage and invented a novel way to hang the limbs while they dry and are ready to be varnished. Simply loop hair elastics round a clothes airer and hang the limbs off it, just have to keep the cats from playing with them now…

Doll limbs drying.
Doll limbs drying.

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